A Brief Introduction to JXCIA
Nature of the school
����Jiangxi Vocational and Technical College of Information Application (abbreviated as JXCIA),being the only higher vocational college specialized in information in Jiangxi Province,is located to west side of Yingbin Avenue,Nanchang City and adjacent to pearlescent Xianghu Park and renowned scenic spot Meihu Lake of Badashanren.Jiangxi Provincial Government has engaged Academician Li Zechun from Chinese Academy of Engineering as the honorary president of the college.
����The college has a long history of over 50 years,with profound culture deposits and characteristic majors,rigorous teaching management,distinguished teachers and fruitful achievements.Along with the progressive growth of the college,JXCIA is constructing a new campus covering a total area of over 800 mu,which offers much wider space for its further development.
����JXCIA enrolls new students who graduated from senior high schools in 30 provinces or cities.
School philosophy
The college follows the law of higher vocational education in accordance with the experiences of vocational education and deep cultural deposits of the past five decades.The college upholds the policy of ��serve the students for the purpose,employment-oriented and college-industry-research partnership��,sticks to the motto of ��faithful,learned and versatile,innovative,practical and realistic��,adheres to the principle of ��impart knowledge,and cultivate competitive students��.JXCIA persists in the school spirit of ��civilization,harmony,dedication,pioneering��,insists on the teaching spirit of ��gratitude,rigor,collaboration,practice��,and perseveres in the academic spirit of ��sensibility,diligence,inspiration,practice��.
Currently,the college owns 5 departments concerning Environmental Engineering,Computer Technology,Electronic Engineering,Modern Management,Physical Education and Art with 20 majors,which are market-oriented and competitive,taking information technology as the core and possessing unique major systems.Software Technology has been listed as the national experimental major.Atmospheric Sounding,Thunder Protection Technology,Computerized Artistic Design have been approved as provincial model majors for higher vocational college.Thunder Protection Technology has been authorized as the provincial major with unique features.Software Technology and Electronic Technology have been approved as the provincial teaching team.JXCIA possesses four provincial quality curriculums,including Flash Animation Design,VB Program Design,Network equipment and Internet,and C# Program Design.All the majors are in line with the law of education and teaching.Teaching management and teaching quality monitoring system in our college are gradually being established and perfected.The college makes positive and deep-seated explorations on personnel training modes.��Order Type�� mode and Student Internship are being widely used and popularized in the college.JXCIA has improved and perfected its system of teaching and research,in which greater progresses on teaching and research works have been obtained.
Teaching staff
����JXCIA has achieved initial successes in its constructions of ��three teams��.First and foremost,the college holds rational structure of teaching staffs with high level of instruction and strong professional skills.More than 50 people have acquired Ph.D and master degrees.It boasts 12 professors,54 associate professors,8 recipients of Provincial University Young and Middle-aged Backbone Teachers,22 Professional Leaders,and 92 ��Dual-qualification Teachers��.Many teachers have been awarded the honorable title of Provincial University Teachers�� Ethics Model.Moreover,the college optimizes its ideological team.The number of student counselors and class advisors has been further enriched,and its quality,to some extent,has been greatly improved.Last but not least,the college improves the quality of cadre teams.Batches of teachers being in full vigor of life are elected to college or department leaders by means of democratic recommendation,fair competition,open selection,preferred employment.
International exchanges
JXCIA makes long-term collaborations with several organizations (The University of Birmingham,The Canadian Community College,and Geneva WMO,etc.) in terms of trainings of teachers,exchanges of scholars and students.
School infrastructure
Teaching and living facilities are fully equipped and convenient on campus.The college boasts 52 laboratories and practical training rooms of various types.It has a group of market-oriented high-level laboratories and training bases supported by The Central Office of Finance.Teachers and students are easily accessible to a collection of 300000 books,a plurality of electronic reading room,and high speed broadband.It has established college and department websites,digital teaching resources library,and information application systems of educational administration management as well as office automation.
����In recent years,JXCIA has built several teaching buildings,students�� residences,and canteen.All-around transformations of campus landscaping have been undertaken.The campus environment stays in good condition.The college has strengthened the quantified and classified the management of food hygiene and safety.It has been praised and cited by Health Department for the improvements of dining environment and food quality.The college takes effective measures to strengthen the management of public security,instituting 24-hour patrol.

Support system for underprivileged students

����JXCIA establishes a series of systems of financing study for students,such as college scholarship,national student scholarship,national student loan,remission of tuition fees,and subsidy for students with economic hardship.Students are accessible to take part-time jobs while studying at college.JXCIA opens up ��Easy Access�� to aid students with economic hardships in admission procedures.The college offers rewards for excellent students both in studies and characters.

School culture

����JXCIA strives to construct a democratic and scientific educational environment with humane and exoteric features,and takes great pains to improve campus environment.The college guides and gives strong backing to college students�� extracurricular activities,creating a good humane and cultural environment.
����The college now has over 20 student associations of physical education,arts,and application of science and technology,etc.Campus activities are increasingly enriched.It holds intramural College Students�� Community Cultural Festival and Community Cultural Tour Activity in succession for 4 years,some of which are evening gala,and dancing,ritual,singing contests,greatly enriching campus cultural life and promoting the growth of college students.Students show their talents in various activities (Science and Art Festival,Community Culture Festival,Career Planning Month,Mental Health Promotion Month,Reading Festival,etc.) being a platform to cultivate taste as well as improve ability and quality.The society pays close attention to JXCIA for its ��Countryside Social Practice Activities of College Students (namely Science,Culture,and Hygiene)��.The college improves students�� humanistic quality by way of imparting knowledge and practical training,nurturing and edifying consciousness of responsibility,value orientation,occupational planning,social skills,management knowledge,psychological diathesis,and moral character & will.
����Many of the students win the titles of National and Provincial Merit Student,Outstanding Student Leader,Excellent League Member,National Scholarship,etc.

Employment channels

JXCIA stresses its educational and professional characteristics,and signs agreements to school-enterprise cooperations with an array of businesses being featured by management specification,advanced technology,high visibility,and good economic benefits.It maintains steady and long-time collaborations with these enterprises,including 29 off-campus training bases.The college sticks to the policy of ��college-industry-research partnership��,developing employment channels and forming employment networks.The college adopts ��Order Type�� mode to cultivate students and creates favorable conditions for ��Seamless Docking�� amid education and society,releasing students from employment anxieties.In recent years,its employment rate keeps above 90% prior to colleges of the same kind of Jiangxi Province.

Education achievements

����JXCIA has received over 500 honors and rewards since the year 2002.The college is appraised as ��Advanced Group�� of PE work,employment work,as well as ��Countryside Activities of College Students��;National ��Model Unit�� for Chinese language and character;Jiangxi Provincial Civilized Unit;��Advanced Group�� of national conscription work for college graduates;��Advanced Group�� of ideological and political education for colleges of Jiangxi Province;��Outstanding Unit�� of mental health education and consultation work of Jiangxi Province;��Advanced Group�� of personnel management work for colleges of Jiangxi Province;Training Base of national computer application software talents,Jiangxi provincial information technology talents,and Jiangxi electronics industry-specific engineering occupation skills;��Demonstration Base�� of college-industry-research partnership of Jiangxi Province.The college is approved as the designated school in training Non-Commissioned Officer by General Staff Department of The People��s Liberation Army.
����Our teachers and students have achieved gratifying successes in various types of skills competitions: First Prize of Flash Animation Design of National Information Application Contest;First Prize of National E-commerce Innovation Contest for College Students;First Prize of National English Contest for College Students (Bands B & D);Champion of Jiangxi Provincial Electronic Computer Contest for College Students;Champion of Jiangxi Provincial Educational System Speech Contest;First Prize of Jiangxi Provincial Science and Technology Innovative and Vocational Skills Contest for College Students;First National Golf Tournament for College Students (Men��s Individual Champion,Third Place of Men��s & Women��s Individuals );Second Place of Chinese College Students Golf Invitational Tournament;Second Place of Seventh Track Meeting for College Students of Jiangxi Province;Second Place of 13th Sports Meeting of Jiangxi Province;Second Prize of Finals of National Electronic Contest for College Students;Second Prize of National Mathematical Modeling Contest (Jiangxi Division);Third Prize of Enterprise Management Sand Table Simulation Contest for Students of Higher Vocational Colleges;3 recipients of ��Top 10 Technical Pacemaker�� and ��Technical Expert�� of Jiangxi Provincial Electronic Information Industry;23 winners of Provincial Teaching Achievement Award.

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